Moto Guzzi

Technical features and design,
two sides of the same coin

In the Moto Guzzi V85 TT, technical features, functionality and design intermingle without a solution of continuity. The evocative and sinuous lines of the frame find styles in the structure that supports the light assembly and in the rear saddle support that accentuate a personality suited to take on any challenge.
The Moto Guzzi V85 TT trellis bearing structure is made of sturdy steel pipes that enclose the engine from above: The transversal 90° V-twin carries out a fundamental bearing function that makes the entire assembly even more solid and rigid.

In designing the frame and suspension, the engineers started from a blank sheet, immediately removing the temptation to go down the same path as the V7 and V9 street bikes that use a double cradle system. This made it possible to create a frame that is almost 2.5 kg lighter, all to the benefit of handling on mixed routes and ease of riding in off-road. In fact, less weight means less physical effort and more fun. A high construction solidity also results in a lot of stability when speeds increase, even with the bike fully loaded: even in this case, the particular anchoring of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT engine to the bearing structure plays an essential role.

The result is that an innate agility combines with high riding precision.

Shaft drive and 'long' swingarm

The frame is enhanced by two beautiful aluminium side plates to which the swingarm and the foot pegs are attached, the latter with anti-slip rubber coating: this can be removed. These rubber covers conceal the indentation for maximum off-road grip, when the rider is wearing enduro boots. Also attached to the aluminium plates are the passenger foot peg brackets, made of the same material, and the rear brake and gearshift controls. Both can be adjusted in height and head position, using a practical cam.

One of the particular features that has always set Moto Guzzi production apart is the shaft final drive, decidedly sturdier than a traditional chain. The other great benefit of this component is that it is maintenance-free, a characteristic that is by no means secondary on a traveller like the Moto Guzzi V85 TT.
The cardan shaft is concealed in the casting of the right swingarm; the latter is a magnificent asymmetrical structure in moulded aluminium. The left arm, on the other hand, has a curved shape designed to leave space for the manifold and the exhaust terminal, all to the advantage of less bulk on the side. The limited longitudinal development of the small block engine has also allowed a particular long swingarm to be designed, ideal to emphasise riding characteristics, safety and intuitiveness on any type of road surface. Another plus of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT.

Solidity first and foremost

Those things that could be mistaken for details are instead essential parts of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Here we are talking about the front light bracket and the structure that decorates the tail fairing and the passenger seat portion, both made of steel tubing to guarantee maximum solidity and reliability in any conditions of use. The front frame embraces the light assembly laterally and acts as a support for the instrument cluster and for the small piece of smoked Plexiglas that mitigates that pesky aerodynamic turbulence on long motorway rides.

The rear structure, on the other hand, was designed with the goal of providing maximum cargo capacity in order to make Moto Guzzi V85 TT a true globetrotter. From this point of view, the frame carries out a triple function: it is the passenger side grab handle, the bracket for the possible mounting of a rear top box and a quick release for the side panniers, a must-have accessory for anyone who intends to travel with the V85 TT.