Moto Guzzi

Design and functionality…
even in the smallest details

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is synonymous with practicality, performance and comfort. But it is also charm and style. That timeless style of classic travel enduro bikes. All it takes is a glance at the front to see it, with the front mudguard, high as is best for the most specialised proposals, which guides the observer to what is one of the most characteristic traits of this bike, the headlight assembly. A meticulously designed detail and a clear tribute to that double headlight assembly of the rally bikes that tackled continental voyages, often in prohibitive conditions. Maximum visibility even at night and certainly a significant visual impact. These characteristics were recalled in the light assembly of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT planned, designed and created using Full LED technology. The two, side-by-side round elements that function as low and high beam are ideally connected by the centrally placed Moto Guzzi logo. A touch of class for a design solution that contributes to raising the overall functionality.

Maximum visibility even by day with the Day Running Light

Set at the centre of the two headlights, there is a stylised eagle that serves a dual function: position lamp during the night riding (power is about 2W) and DRL (Day Running Light) in daytime riding, with power of about 9W. Because being seen by motorists, other motorcycles or simply by pedestrians is the number one rule for avoiding unpleasant situations. This is a solution that undoubtedly increases safety standards.
Being highly visible in any light conditions is just as important as perfect lighting at dusk or during nocturnal riding. In this sense, the lighting layout of the two round elements is rather particular and distinctive: the low beam function is performed by two LEDs in the upper outer part and two in the lower inner part, with a unique chequerboard arrangement. The total power is an astonishing 25W. The high beam function, on the other hand, activates all the LEDs inside the dual headlamp, guaranteeing a total power of 45W.
The strong points of the light beam produced by the Moto Guzzi V85 TT light assembly are its breadth, uniformity and depth; just imagine that the maximum power in the low beam function is 45 lux at 25 metres, which go up to 73 lux in the high beam function. All without adding excessive weight to the bike: optimising every detail of the headlight assembly, it was possible to contain the weight of this component to 1.3 kg.

Two diamonds set in a steel structure

The front light assembly of the Moto Guzzi V85 TT is fastened to the instrument cluster support using a rational and flashy steel tube structure. This structure is ideally reminiscent of the rear trellis that frames the passenger seat portion and acts as a luggage rack and safety grab handle. At the back, the two circular elements that make up the rear light assembly are set like little diamonds. This uses the same LED technology as the front assembly: the position light is generated by two outer crowns joined by two central luminous sections (it has about 10 candle power). The particular conformation of the opaline light-guide filter also creates a 3D effect reminiscent of a fighter jet engine afterburner flame trail.
On the other hand, when the brakes are applied and the brake light comes on, the two circular crowns are joined by the centrally positioned LEDs; the total power exceeds 100 candle power. As with the front light assembly, the weight of the taillight assembly installed on the Moto Guzzi V85 TT is decidedly contained at just 300 grams.

The turn signal indicators self-cancel

The package is completed by the four turn indicators, also LED and characterised by a tapered shape; they fully illuminate taking advantage of the light emitted by the LED that is also reflected by a Fresnel lens, more efficient than a traditional one. These elements also have top shelf functionality, managed by an automatic self-cancelling system: once activated and after travelling at least 500 metres or 40 seconds, they automatically self-cancel in order to prevent the unfortunate situation of riding with the turn indicators on even when you are not about to turn. This is a situation that can be critical in terms of safety, confusing other motorist about the rider's intentions.