Moto Guzzi

Always protected and comfortable

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is the embodiment of travel, of a desire to set off for exotic destinations. To leave it all behind. An experience that begins on your doorstep and ends who knows where and who knows when. But departing means leaving those small comforts of daily life behind, and taking on adverse weather, the cold of a northern European downpour or the hot Saharan wind as you cross the Atlas mountains in Morocco.
It is no coincidence that Moto Guzzi offers a line of apparel and accessories that can satisfy the needs of those who have the V85 TT at heart and imagine it racing at tracks across the world. Comfort and practicality are the words of the days, concepts that guided the designers and technicians in creating these essential garments, specifically the Moto Guzzi Adventure Touring helmet, the Adventure Touring Jacket and the Adventure Touring Pants. They are irreplaceable “tools” for a traveller, able to take on any conditions while also offering optimum levels of safety.

A little touring, a little off-road

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is a traveller as suited to the asphalt as the dirt: the Adventure Touring helmet could only be an expression of this attitude, combining the characteristics of a comfortable full-face with more extreme off-road features, such as the sun shade peak located above the visor. The latter, large and well-shaped, allows for excellent peripheral vision and is combined with the concealed smoke inner visor, easily controlled even when wearing motorcycle gloves thanks to a dedicated switch on the helmet's shell. The aerodynamics of the shell are impressive, ensuring great comfort even at high speeds and created in thermoplastic resin that is highly resistant to impact.
The Moto Guzzi Adventure Touring helmet offers an excellent standard of safety, equipped with both the “J.1.E.R” cheek pad removal system, to limit neck movement in the case of emergency removal, and the classic double D-ring fastening system, the safest and most reliable on the market. The helmet is available in five sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL, from 53 to 61) and in two colours, either black or tricolour (white-black-yellow), both of which feature the Moto Guzzi logo on the front and rear and inside, on the lining.

An all-round jacket

Sober, reliable, eclectic, the Moto Guzzi Adventure Touring Jacket boasts impressive characteristics that make it an irreplaceable travel companion in both the winter and summer seasons. This three-layer technical garment features a thermal lining and a 100% waterproof and breathable membrane (H2Out), removable so as to be used in all conditions. It also features front and rear air vents that can be controlled with practical zips. The “slim” fit of this essential technical garment ensures a very elegant look, a characteristic emphasised by the Velcro tapes that allow for a wide range of adjustment. This allows for a precise and comfortable fit, eliminating any flapping or bothersome aerodynamic vibrations even when riding on the motorway. For maximum practicality, the external technical layer and inner layers are equipped with large pockets in which to keep all the essentials.
Style, functionality but also safety are guaranteed, as the Moto Guzzi Adventure Touring Jacket is EN17092 certified, the protectors at the shoulders and elbows meet with the CE 1621-1 directive, and a back protector can be inserted in the dedicated internal pocket for maximum comfort on and off the bike. The Moto Guzzi logo is a must of course, as are the graphics, dedicated to what is the heart of passion, the inimitable V twin, depicted in this case on the internal mesh of the air vents and visible when the front panels are rolled up.

All-season jacket and trousers

A technical garment of this level cannot exist without a pair of equally qualified trousers: the Moto Guzzi Adventure Touring Pants offer the same construction properties as the jacket, for maximum comfort and practicality even during the toughest of journeys. In this case, the three layers are composed of a waterproof, breathable membrane (H2Out), which is removable, the external part in tear-proof, anti-abrasion material, which comes complete with pockets and zips with which to control the large air vents, and a fixed mesh lining.
Certified protectors are included at the knees and hips, while two Velcro tapes at the waist allow for size adjustment for maximum riding comfort. Lower down, two long zips facilitate the rider when wearing boots. The jacket and trousers are available in six sizes, from S to 3XL in a black-silver-red colour.

Not only apparel

The Moto Guzzi collection extends to those small comforts that make each trip safer and more practical. The Bluetooth Communication System, with two stereo earpieces that connect wirelessly to a smartphone, allows the rider to respond to calls, listen to music or follow GPS instructions. In addition, the system serves as an intercom between the rider and passenger, connecting to other devices. All electronic components are integrated inside the earpiece for maximum compactness and the only button, used to control the functions, is located on the microphone, close to the LED light (red/blue) indicating device status. In any case, calls can be answered using the voice command function. The Bluetooth Communication System is equipped with four different microphone rubber seals so that this simple accessory can be personalised with the Moto Guzzi logo.
The Smartphone Support Kit is also extremely practical, allowing the rider to affix a smartphone front and centre, on the handlebar or on the stem of the rear-view mirror, ensuring that all information is safely at hand. The kit consists of a bracelet support, to attach to a tubular surface using the anti-abrasion rubber seals, and a protective cover in anti-impact rubber that is compatible with the main smartphone models (iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6S/6, iPhone 8/7/6 Plus, Samsung S9/S8 base and Plus; for all other devices, a universal version is available, with a double-sided interface to affix to any phone cover). With a simple gesture, the cover can be safely locked to the support thanks to a practical snap system. In this way, your smartphone is safe, even when you are taking a break. Simply remove it and take it with you.